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Corrugated Water Tanks Overview

One Clarion is proud to present our Corrugated Steel Tanks! These tanks are made to last, weathering any storm thrown at them, and exceeding expectations on any job. Our tanks are made with hot-dipped galvanized steel (HDG), making them tough and resistant to corrosion. These steel panels are lightweight and tough, providing a good strength-to-weight ratio designed to help you save money on materials and shipping costs. Included with most tanks is an AWWA-approved liner. These liners are warrantied from 20 years up to 30 years. These corrugated tanks are designed to last up to 30 years, but with maintenance and proper planning, will last even longer. These steel tanks range from 772 gallons to an impressive 600,000 gallons, with larger sizes available upon request. Take your storage to the next level with One Clarion's corrugated steel water storage tanks.

Most facilities require onsite water storage, either for fire suppression or for drinking water. Other facilities lack the overall capacity for storing excess wastewater. One Clarion's corrugated water tanks are the perfect solution to these issues. Our corrugated water tanks are NFPA-22 compliant, which is the governing code on whether a tank can be used for drinking water. These tanks can be hooked up to a fire suppression system and used as a direct backup for water supply. They can also be insulated with fire retardant making them a perfect choice for fire suppression water supplies.

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Steel Water Tank Features

  • Hot Dip Galvanized coating
  • 722 gallon to over 600,000 gallon tanks
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Durable liner options-NFPA 22 equivalent
  • Roof options - 0pen top, flat top, inverted Both J rib or V rib available
  • Concrete, steel and gravel floor options
  • Up to 20 yr. warranty

Steel Water Tank Benefits

  • Large storage capacities
  • NSF-61 rated flexible liners
  • Resistant to wind, snow, and seismic activity
  • Light Weight panels
  • Multiple customization options
  • Extended lifespan from 30-35 years
  • Easy shipping and cost effective

Corrugated Water Tank Applications

Corrugated steel tank with a roofFire Suppression – Fire protection water tanks are specifically engineered to meet local, state and national fire protection codes and standards. NFPA22-approved fire protection tanks reduce the strain put on the local water supplies during emergencies and disasters. Residential, commercial, or municipalities can use our fire protection tanks to protect families, farms, or businesses.

Corrugated steel tank installed on a concrete padPotable Water Supply – Potable water tanks offer economical and durable storage for households, communities, cities and counties needing drinkable water. Tanks provide communities with clean, reliable water for emergencies or disasters. Our corrugated water tanks are AWWA approved, easy to assemble, and cost effective.

Two corrugated steel tanks side by side on a concrete foundationRainwater Collection – Economically and ecologically sound, rainwater collection tanks are a great filtered for drinking or used for irrigation. Rainwater harvesting tanks are an ideal way to supplement local water supplies and effective when capturing excess run-off for future use.



Corrrugated steel tank with a ladder and roofEmergency Water Storage - Our corrugated water storage is equipped with NFS-61 rated liners, making it great for fire fighting, emergency relief, process water, washing water, water for remote locations, and more water storage applications. Local officials use municipal emergency management plan to provide water storage for community use during emergencies or disasters.

Side view of a corrugated steel tank with a ladderStormwater Storage – Corrugated steel water tanks, prevent stormwater runoff that can overwhelmed sewer systems and treatment plants. Cities, towns and other protected areas use stormwater storage to catch and hold excess water for controlled retention and to prevent inherent flooding issues.


Corrugated steel tank installed in a forestIrrigation- Reliable, on-demand irrigation water tanks deliver water for essential operations for farms and ranches. Our irrigation tanks meet IBC/UBC requirements, utilizing ASCE structural codes for water storage. Farmers and ranchers have a cost effective option to store water for their agricultural-related industry.


Corrugated steel tank installed next to an industrial facilityWaste/process/frac- Used for frac and wastewater storage, our frac water tanks are made with G115 sheets. These strong panels offer reliable support for weight and volume of liquids or solids being stored. This economical solution is used in oil fields, mining, wastewater or hydraulic fracturing locations.

Corrugated Steel Tank Installation

Corrugated steel tank installed on a concrete pad with a panel missing on the bottomCorrugated steel tanks are fabricated for your custom specifications. Engineered to your tank calculations, use our tank calculator to help you determine tank dimensions and capacity. Your corrugated tank is then manufactured and delivered unassembled to your location. We also have installation and engineering options to help you throughout the process, from beginning to end.

We are here to help you find the right tank for your specific application. We offer a wide range of water storage tanks for potable and non-potable water projects. Our bolted steel tank is another great option for use with rainwater, wastewater, and fire protection. Find out more about our bolted steel water tanks. Call us today!

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