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Water Wagon for Sale

1010 Gallon DOT Water Trailer

Enduraplas - the best water wagons for sale on the market today!  The best built, best quality, best durability, best price, and best warranty. Offered in the 1010-gallon size, this trailer meets DOT regulations, making your over the road use of this trailer both legal, and safe too. Every trailer is outfitted with a reliable Honda® engine, a Banjo® pump, and a complete DOT kit (lights, brakes, and fenders that adhere to DOT standards). Enduraplas Water Wagons also offer a wealth of additional features, making them the perfect choice!  Order yours now, and get to work right away!  Standard water wagon models for sale (on average) ship in about 5-6 weeks from date of order!

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  • Rear spray nozzles, corner mounted for maximum coverage
  • 50’ hose reel, ¾” hose with fire nozzle
  • DOT kit  (lights, electric brakes, fenders)
  • Pin mount system
  • Dual axel with slipper spring suspension


  • Fast availability!  No waiting! Order it now, and it ships in just 5-6 weeks!
  • Full draining Sump bottom tank
  • Industry leading 10 year warranty
  • Strong rotomolded tank, no leaking or seams
  • Tank in algae resistant colors

Water Wagon for Sale - Specs





Height 78"
Hose Size

2"/Black Fertilizer

Tank Size

1,010 gallon

Dry Weight

1,650 lbs


235/80 R16 10 PLY
DOT Tire & Wheel

DOT Complain


Frame Construction

6"x2" Rectangular


2 x 7000 lbs
Slipper Spring

Tank Type

Poly Sump Bottom Transport Tank

Hitch Type

20,000 lbs.
2 & 5/16" Ball


Electric with emergency
breakaway (2 x Axle)



Discharge Hose Length


Electrical Plug

10 Pole RV Plug


Honda GX160 5.5 HP


2" Banjo Cenrifugal Poly, 195 GPM

Valve Fittings

2" Banjo Sweep Manifold


DOT Compliant Clearance, Stop, Turn, Tail, License

Warranty -3 year Honda motor warranty
-1 year Banjo pump warranty
-1 year trailer warranty

1010 Water Wagon Infographic

water wagon trailer graphic

*See 1010 gal DOt Trailer Features Flyer (pdf) below for more information

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Are Hoops and Bands Really Needed? | Water Baffle Demonstration

Enduraplas Tank vs Crane

Enduraplas® Quality Guarantee

Enduraplas Sump Bottom Tank on Wheels

Combine the impressive attributes of the Enduraplas Sump Bottom Tank with a DOT trailer meticulously engineered for the secure conveyance of liquids. Enhance its practicality with added user-friendly features, and you get our remarkable Enduraplas DOT Water Wagon Sprayer Trailer.

  • • No protracted waiting times! On average, Enduraplas DOT Water Wagon Trailers are shipped within 5-6 weeks from order placement.

  • • Leave no liquid residual. Thanks to the Sump bottom tank, complete drainage becomes achievable, maximizing the utilization of every drop of liquid solution.

  • • DOT Compliant. This trailer encompasses all the mandated DOT features: lights, electric brakes, fenders, and more, ensuring your travel safety with peace of mind.

  • • The seamless tank design eradicates vulnerabilities prone to breakage or leakage. Crafted for exceptional durability, these tanks stand resilient against the challenges of any job site. (view video for demonstration)

  • • Equipped with a fire hose and nozzle, facilitating effortless spray discharge. Rear spray nozzles are strategically positioned at the corners for optimal coverage.

  • • Firmly secured. The Enduraplas Pin Mount System excels in providing a safe fastening solution for your nurse tank trailer during transport. Surpassing the effectiveness of standard band systems, this system ensures your satisfaction. The trailer also features an integrated baffle system, with supplementary baffling options available upon inquiry.

Water Wagons for Sale - Accessories

Anti Splash Lid

anti splash lidWhen it comes to water wagons, so much depends on the lid. With the potential force generated by the movement of up to 3,200 gallons of liquid, a lid must be up to the task. Introducing our revolutionary Anti-Splash™ Lid – meticulously crafted from resilient stainless steel that's impervious to corrosion.
In the face of these demanding conditions, rest assured that your heaviest loads will remain steadfastly contained. No precious liquids will be lost to spills. But that's not all. Our Anti-Splash™ Lid goes above and beyond by incorporating a robust locking mechanism, thwarting unauthorized access and enhancing the overall security of your cargo.

Once you've experienced the reliability and sturdiness of this lid, you won't look back. Say goodbye to flimsy plastic versions and embrace the lasting strength and security of our Anti-Splash™ Lid.

Baffle Balls & Baffle System

anti splash lidIn the realm of liquid transportation, a well-designed baffle system stands as a game-changer, revolutionizing the way liquids are transported. We recognize the benefits that this ingenious system brings to the table, redefining safety, efficiency, and environmental consciousness.

    Benfits of Baffling:
  1. 1. Enhanced Stability: Picture internal partitions strategically placed within a tank, expertly curtailing liquid sloshing and swaying during transport. This translates into enhanced stability, minimizing the risk of accidents, rollovers, or loss of control - particularly during sudden maneuvers, braking, or directional changes.
  2. 2. Improved Handling: The movement of liquids within a tank can have a significant impact on vehicle handling and control, especially for larger tanks or vehicles carrying substantial liquid loads. A proficient baffle system mitigates this movement, elevating overall handling and control.
  3. 3. Reduced Structural Strain: Dynamic forces exerted by liquid motion can take a toll on a tank's structure over time. Baffles emerge as silent guardians, evenly distributing these forces, thereby extending the tank's durability and lifespan.
  4. 4. Minimized Liquid Loss: The aftermath of excessive liquid sloshing often involves wasteful spillage, splashing, and potential environmental contamination. Baffles redefine the game by confining liquid movement, reducing waste, and safeguarding our ecological balance.
  5. 5. Balanced Load Distribution: Baffles shine in their ability to ensure an even distribution of the liquid cargo's weight throughout the tank. This key factor averts imbalances that could otherwise compromise vehicle stability and performance.
  6. 6. Safer Transport: The ripple effect of reduced liquid movement and heightened stability, courtesy of a baffle system, reverberates into safer driving conditions. This is a win for operators and fellow road users alike.
  7. 7. Regulatory Compliance: In certain instances, transportation regulations and industry standards insist on baffle deployment to guarantee secure and responsible liquid transport, amplifying safety on our roads.
  8. 8. Optimized Payload: The seamless distribution of load weight, coupled with diminished liquid movement, facilitates vehicles to efficiently bear maximum payloads. This streamlined efficiency translates to heightened productivity and fewer trips required.
  9. 9. Versatility Redefined: Baffle systems prove their adaptability across diverse liquid transport vehicles - be it tanker trucks, trailers, railcars, or marine vessels. This versatility renders them invaluable across a spectrum of industries such as agriculture, chemical transport, oil and gas, and beyond.
  10. 10. Guardians of the Environment: In a bid to safeguard our planet, baffle systems play a pivotal role. By constraining liquid sloshing, they significantly lower the risk of spills and leaks, thus reducing the potential for environmental harm and the associated cleanup costs.

Pin Mount System

anti splash lidWhen it comes to securing transport tanks, we're proud to introduce a breakthrough in technology that sets a new standard. Our transport tanks are anchored by an advanced method, featuring robust heavy-duty mounting pins and seamlessly integrated molded lugs. This translates into a transportation solution that's not just superior, but markedly safer, stronger, and remarkably user-friendly.
Bid farewell to the complexities and challenges associated with intricate mounting hoops and bands. Our revolutionary Pin-Mount™ system redefines the game, delivering a level of reliability and performance that's truly unparalleled.
In a rigorous evaluation, our Pin-Mount™ system demonstrated its extraordinary resilience by withstanding an astounding force of 26,000 lbs. To put this into perspective, we filled a tank with water and suspended it upside down from a crane. The result was a resounding testament to the exceptional durability and reliability of our mounting system.

Sight Gauge

anti splash lidChoose from either a bolted or threaded sight gauge (optional) on your tank to quickly see the liquid levels in your tank. Factory installed.


Pump Cover

anti splash lidAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the saying goes. The pump cover protects your pump from incidental road damage while your nurse tank trailer in transit, or while is in use.

Water Wagons for Sale – Applications

Water wagons are utilized by a diverse range of industries and sectors due to their versatile and practical nature. The primary purpose of water wagons is to transport and distribute water to various locations for specific needs. Here are some examples of who uses water wagons and why:

  • 1. Fertilizer Transportation: Nurse tank trailers are frequently employed to move liquid fertilizers, encompassing nitrogen-rich variants like anhydrous ammonia and liquid urea. These fertilizers supply critical nutrients to crops, fostering robust growth and maximizing yield potential.
  • 2. Precision Application: Nurse tanks often work in conjunction with application equipment, such as sprayers or planters, to precisely administer fertilizers and agricultural chemicals across fields. This precision ensures uniform nutrient distribution, reducing wastage and improving crop well-being.
  • 3. Chemical Dissemination: Beyond fertilizers, nurse tank trailers facilitate the carriage and dissemination of assorted agricultural chemicals, including pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. These chemicals are indispensable for pest and disease management, safeguarding crops against harm.
  • 4. Liquid Micronutrient Application: Nurse tanks serve as conduits for applying liquid micronutrient solutions to crops. Micronutrients such as zinc, copper, and boron are vital for plant vitality and are often employed as part of a comprehensive nutrient management strategy.
  • 5. Tailored Blending: Some nurse tanks are equipped with systems enabling on-site blending of fertilizers or chemicals, granting farmers the ability to fashion customized nutrient or chemical blends tailored to their specific crop and soil requirements.
  • 6. Remote or Challenging Locations: Nurse tank trailers provide the adaptability to transport liquids to remote or challenging-to-access fields where a fixed storage tank might prove impractical.
  • 7. Efficiency and Timeliness: Nurse tank trailers empower farmers to convey larger quantities of liquid inputs to fields, reducing the need for frequent refills and heightening application efficiency. This holds particular significance during time-sensitive planting or application periods.
  • 8. Seasonal Flexibility: Nurse tanks can be harnessed for diverse agricultural inputs across the entire growing season, rendering them versatile tools for optimizing crop production.
  • 9. Military and Defense: Water wagons can be used by the military for various purposes, including providing water for troops in remote locations and supporting field operations.

Water Wagon for Sale- Chemical Use

Contemplating expanding your tank's usage beyond water transport? Our poly tanks offer remarkable versatility and can adeptly accommodate a wide spectrum of liquid chemical solutions. However, we recommend consulting our chemical compatibility chart or reaching out to our team for assistance. This precaution ensures that you make informed choices regarding the substances you intend to transport or store.

Our friendly staff is here to help you get the exact product you need!

Water Wagon for Sale Questions and Answers

The tanks are designed to have some built in baffling action. However, we also have several ways you can enhance the baffling. We have different sizes of baffle balls, that serve to break up the motion. Also we have built in baffling panels to provide stronger baffling action. Call for more information!

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