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Heater Blanket

Our industrial heating blankets are used across many industries to heat materials and fluids. Used in agriculture, construction, oil & gas, manufacturers, and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), our heater blanket helps prevent freezing. Our variety of sizes and custom options are available to use with your equipment or system, no matter what the size or shape of your heating needs.

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Tank Blanket Heater

Industrial Heater Blanket

Concrete Curing Blanket

Tank Blanket Heater

Custom heater blankets wrapped around pipesTank blanket heaters are designed to maintain constant temperatures for your water, chemical or other fluids in extreme climates up to -40 °F below. Tank heaters protect your tank against freezing, keeping fluids at perfect flow rate or viscosity and optimizing your access to fluids during cold winter months. Tanks are fully enclosed with durable, waterproof heater blankets for constant, even temperatures.


Water Trailer Tank Blanket

We offer 525, 1010, and 1610 gallon water trailer tank blankets, along with custom heaters to fit your specific tank. This durable, thermal blanket protects water and other fluids from freezing by keeping them at their perfect temperature, without overheating or burning. Have greater access fluids in your water trailer, tank or sprayer throughout the year.

Custom Tank Heater

We design custom tank heaters to precisely fit your tank, no matter what the size or type of tank. We can either modify a standard blanket heater or fully customize a power blanket to work for your particular job or site needs. Custom thermal blanket protect your fluids, chemicals, and fertilizer from freezing in extreme temperatures.

DEF Tank Heat Blankets

Diesel emissions fuel is in danger of freezing during the winter months. DEF tank heaters keep your diesel exhaust fuel at just the right temperature, and provide effective freeze protection for your DEF tanks. Heater blankets maintain stable temperatures, evenly heating your tanks and optimizing your DEF flow and access during extreme climates. We carry DEF heaters for smaller and larger storage tanks.

Industrial Heater Blanket

Industrial tanks wrapped in power heater blanketsIndustrial heater blankets let you store materials and chemicals during colder climates, protecting them against freezing and controlling viscosity. This is the ideal heating solution for job-site heating, remote-locations, warehouse, and temperature-sensitive material storage and transportation. Keep fluids and materials at their optimal temperature with full-coverage heater blankets.


IBC Tote Heater

IBC tote heaters are designed to keep chemicals and industrial supplies at their required temperatures, protecting against freezing. With consistent, regulated heat distribution, this heater blanket is full-wrap to protect your entire tote, and is available for 250-gallon to 550-gallon totes.

Pallet Thermal Heater

The pallet thermal heater is made for freeze protection for sensitive materials such as paints, chemicals, equipment, resins, roofing materials, epoxies, and more. This insulated, full-wrap design keeps materials at a consistent temperature, ensuring reliable heating throughout. Water-resistant for inside or outdoor use, heater blanket is equipped with cinch straps to secure pallet with a tight fit.

Propane Tank Warmer

Propane tank warmers prevent low pressure in the winter months, so propane can vaporize correctly and be used in colder temperatures. Tank warmers maintain a uniform, even barrier across the entire tank. Propane is heated to stay at its optimal pressure so you can u during these your gas throughout the colder months.

Industrial Drum Heater

The industrial drum heater is the right choice for keeping your drum and barrels from freezing. This thermal blanket delivers consistent, even heat throughout the drum without cold or hot spots. Available in several sizes, the drum blanket fully encloses your drum or barrel. The industrial drum heater can be used on both poly and steel drums.

Concrete Curing Blanket

Concrete curing blankets deployed on siteCure concrete without experiencing delays in cold and harsh weather conditions. Concrete curing blankets are durable, providing consistent, even heat when curing concrete. No more waiting for the perfect temperatures to pour concrete.


Concrete Heater Blanket

Our concrete heater blankets let you cure concrete in the coldest winters and hottest summers. Our curing blanket’s design eliminates hot and cold spots for uniform, full-coverage heat across the entire concrete surface. Use our electric curing blankets to thaw ground before you pour concrete and then again, when you finish for complete freeze protection.

Ground Thawing Heater

Let us help you thaw frozen ground before pouring concrete with high watt density, removing frost. Our ground thawing heater melt snow and ice from roofs, walkways, and construction areas in the harshest weather conditions.

Industrial Heat Blanket Applications

Whether you’re looking for industrial heating blankets to use with tank, bulk storage or concrete, we can help you maintain critical temperatures, provide freeze protection, heat, and optimize flow for viscous and temperature sensitive materials. Call to find out about our custom sizes and pricing.

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