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Go Green! Environmentally-Friendly Pressure Washing Solution

Strong & Effective Green Power Washing

Green is the new Gold Standard for clean, and this environmentally-friendly pressure washing solution provides exceptional cleaning results that you and your clients will love. Additionally, this green power washer fluid can used as an effective multi-purpose cleaner.

This non-toxic, rapidly-biodegradable, green environmentally-friendly pressure washing solution meets or exceeds OSHA, USDA, EPA and DNR requirements for health and safety. This green concentrated formula eliminates the need to use multiple products.

Keep it simple and save money. Available in boxes of 4x1 gallon bottles, 5 gallon buckets, or drums. Call today for more information!

This green environmentally-friendly pressure washing solution works great with or hot or cold pressure washer trailers!

Our friendly staff is here to help you get the exact product you need!

Environmentally-Friendly Pressure Washing Solution Features

  • Highly effective & highly concentrated. Effective at dilutions as great as half-ounce per gallon of water.
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA, USDA, EPA, DNR requirements for health and safety.
  • Non-toxic. Rapidly Biodegradable.
  • Works in hard or soft water. Never leaves a film on any surface.

Environmentally-Friendly Pressure Washing Solution Benefits

  • Effective clean-rinse formula means less scrubbing – more sparkle
  • Saves time and money over buying multiple cleaning products.
  • Makes your cleaning supply budget go further.
  • Helps you and your clients stay in compliance with stringent health and safety regulations.

Environmentally-Friendly Pressure Washing Solution Details

Go Green with this powerful but environmentally-friendly pressure washing solution. Powerful against dirt, grime, mildew and slime, this green power washer detergent is gentle on nature. It's ideal as part of a green work pressure washer setup, but also can be mopped, wiped, used in steam cleaners and automatic scrubbers. This green power washer detergent is your safe, yet effective weapon for indoor or outdoor cleaning. Whether power washing roofs, concrete, windows or siding – or more sensitive jobs such as in kitchens, garages and industrial plants. Its unique formula will out-perform every all-purpose cleaner on the market today. Clean everything everywhere: better, faster, safer and more economically. It's non-flammable, biodegradable and contains a Butyl-free degreaser!

Buy this green environmentally-friendly pressure washer solution by the drum, 5-gallon pail or in boxes of 4- 1 gallon jugs to meet your budget and usage needs.

Environmentally-Friendly Pressure Washing Solution Specs

Product # 879399006340
Packaged Drums, 5 gallon pails, 4-1 gallons
Appearance Green liquid
Fragrance Characteristic
pH 12.00
Detergency Excellent
Foaming Moderate
Rinsability Very good
Flash point None. Non-flammable

Environmentally-Friendly Pressure Washing Solution Applications

Keep kids, pets, plants and groundwater safe with this powerful green but simple solution perfect for home, business, school or industrial use. Make everything sparkle with less scrubbing, whether floors, walls, refrigerators, carpets, cars, trucks, tables, trash bins, bed frames, sinks, toilets, shower tile, aircraft surfaces, tools, engines, concrete, plastic, glass, metals, vinyl, painted surfaces & everything in between. Keep it simple with this multi-purpose and pressure washer cleaning solution. Go Green!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Environmentally-Friendly Pressure Washing Solution FAQs

Yes! Non-toxic, rapidly-biodegradable, green environmentally-friendly pressure washing solution meets or exceeds OSHA, USDA, EPA and DNR requirements for health and safety.

Green Environmentally-Friendly Pressure Washing Solution is effective in concentrations as low as half-ounce per gallon of water. It's a real money saver!

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