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Liquid Nurse Trailers for Transporting Water or Chemicals

Liquid nurse trailers are available in a variety of sizes with a host of accessories, giving you the ability to add only the features that fit what you need. Whether for small farms or large-scale agricultural use, nurse trailers are built for rugged use in the field with off-road options, as well as being available with a DOT package for use on public roadways. Store any water-based chemical solutions in liquid nurse trailers, whether fertilizer, insecticides, or herbicides. A full offering of sprayer options gives you the opportunity to also use this liquid transport trailer as a sprayer in the field.

Built to handle the challenges of active use with ease, these durable liquid nurse trailers will provide you with years of reliable service. With a high strength poly tank and a sturdy channel iron frame, nurse trailers are made for long-standing service in rigorous environments. Whether for big or small jobs, fertilizer nurse trailers are a practical and economical solution for safely transporting water, fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides, and other water based liquid chemical solutions. They are available in DOT or non-DOT (off-road) versions and with a host of options, including goose neck or tag hitch trailers, a selection of engines and pumps, and other job-specific features. Customize your chemical nurse trailer to precisely what you need.

Chemical and Fertilizer Nurse Trailers Applications

With their large capacity and durable design, liquid nurse trailers for sale will be reliable performers in your farming or facility's equipment fleet. The liquid storage tanks are rated to store and haul any water-based chemical solution, including fertilizer, insecticides, or herbicides. Equipped with a pump and engine of your choice, they provide quick filling, fast transfer, and controlled discharge of liquids. For farming applications, fertilizer nurse trailers will save time and expense by keeping you in a steady and ready supply of ag chemicals when and wherever needed. Use them also for transporting water for spraying or for refilling tanks. For facility use, these trailers can easily transport liquid chemicals on site, or off-site (if using a DOT model).

Sprayer Nurse Trailer Features

Our sprayer nurse trailer for sale is built for heavy-duty field use and offers all the features you need. Nurse trailers are delivered fully assembled and ready for use. Each type of fertilizer nurse trailer is available in a choice of DOT or non-DOT trailers in sizes from 500 to 2,000 gallons.

DOT chemical nurse trailers are road ready for use on highways and public roadways. Fully compliant with DOT trailer requirements for safety, these trailers are equipped with braking systems (surge or electrical), LED lights, safety chain, and a breakaway system. The diamond tread fenders, in addition to meeting DOT regulations, also serve as walkways for easy access to the fertilizer/liquid storage tank.

The non-DOT nurse trailers are made for on-farm (off-road) use. This model provides cost savings for those who do not need their chemical hauling trailer to include the DOT features. Off-road fertilizer nurse trailers are perfect for farming or ranching use, or for other facilities where the trailer will not need to leave the property. For those looking for a sprayer nurse trailer for sale, additional features are available to help ensure even and efficient spraying of ag chemicals.

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