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Fire Skid Unit

Skid-Mounted Fire Fighting Tank

The fire skid unit keeps small fires contained before they grow out of control. The 200 gallon skid-mounted fire fighting tank sprayer and pump is also effective as a preventative measure in pre-wetting areas around a planned and controlled burn.

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Fire Skid Unit Features

  • 200 gallon poly firefighting tank
  • Ace centrifugal pump with Honda engine
  • 180º swivel hose reel, with 50' hose

Fire Skid Unit Benefits

  • Reliable for "fast attack" application
  • Add fire retardant to the spray tank
  • Sturdy frame built for rugged use in the field

Portable Fire Skid Unit Details

Use the 200 gallon skid mounted fire-fighting unit for quick deployment in preventing fires from starting, in suppressing a fire, or protecting property from wildfire. Fire skid units are lighter weight and create less stress on the tow vehicle than larger fire-fighting tanks. Additionally, they can get into tight spots that other portable fire-fighting water tanks cannot reach.

This fire skid unit is sized to fit in the bed of a ½ or ¾ ton pickup, turning it into a quick response vehicle. The 200 gallon tank sprayer is algae resistant, permitting the tank to be stored filled and ready for action. It is mounted to a durable 6" channel iron frame, built for active use in rugged environments. The skid units for fire fighting also come equipped with 25' lay-flat fire hose, fire nozzle, 180º swivel hose reel, quick coupled discharge, pressure and gravity hose bibbs, quick fill and recirculation functionality.

The poly fire fighting tank is powered by an Ace centrifugal pump and Honda engine. Centrifugal pumps are preferred as they can discharge higher volumes of water at great distances. They also more tolerant when the water source is not clean, such as if drawn from water retention ponds. The fire-fighting tank and pump also has fewer moving parts, which translates into a well-deserved reputation for easy maintenance and upkeep.

Portable Fire Skid Unit Specifications

Skid Frame 6" CHANNEL IRON

Portable Fire Skid Unit Applications

Skid units for fire fighting manage pop-up fires, control burns, and protect against forest fires in remote locations. Portable fire skid units provide peace of mind, especially for those who live or work in rural locations. In the amount of time passed in waiting for a fire truck to arrive, the burn damage to a field or homestead could be irrecoverable.

The fire fighting skid unit is built to fit into the bed of a pickup truck, and they can be deployed at a moment's notice and can get to difficult-to-reach locations. Skid units for fire fighting are typically on farms and ranches, but can also protect homesteads in areas where access to emergency services are limited. They can supply water troughs, help with dust suppression, spray livestock, water trees and landscaping, and even spray-clean equipment.

Whether you're looking for tanks, sprayers, skids, or folding frame tanks, we have a huge variety of large and small fire suppression solutions for your water storage needs. Find out more about all of our firefighting options at Fire Suppression Products (PDF).

See more specifications here:

Fire Skid Unit PDF


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Frequently Asked Questions

Portable Fire Skid Unit Frequently Asked Question

Water can be safely stored for longer periods of time in poly fire fighting tanks that are algae-resistant. The black tank color protects your water supply by creating an environment inside the tank that makes it difficult for algae to grow.

We have a wide selection of fire fighting tanks and pumps, whether skid-mounted or mounted to trailers. For example, our fire fighting trailer is available in 500, 800, or 1025 gallon sizes. Please Call Us if you need help selecting the right fire fighting tank or tank sprayer for your project.

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