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Folding Frame Tank

Frame Tank for Fast Water Storage

Our folding frame tank provides fast and effective water storage. An aluminum or steel frame tank, also known as a refolding tank, is a flexible and rigid water storage tank, consisting of a liner supported by a frame made of aluminum or steel. The inner liner can be made from a range of durable fabrics, usually Vinyl or High Performance Rubber (HPR), 22 oz. PVC, and is used to store a variety of liquids.

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Folding Frame Tank Features

  • Aluminum or steel frame
  • Heavy-duty Vinyl or High Performance Rubber Liner
  • Camlock, ball valves, and flange fittings
  • Discharge valve

Folding Frame Tank Benefits

  • Easy to set up and tear down
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Durable materials
  • Large 500 to 5,000 gallon capacities

Folding Frame Tank Details

Folding frame tanks fold flat when not in use but can be quickly set up and torn down in the event of a natural disaster. Our frame tank is made in the USA in a variety of capacities, ranging from 500 to 5,000 gallons. This type of collapsible water container is special, as it is made with an open top for easy access but can be fitted with coverings.

The Single Lane Frame Tanks allow you to have maximum water storage capacity while keeping a lane open for water tender traffic. Two or more of the Single Lane Tank (SLT) systems will you give you an abundance of water storage on rural roads. These folding frame tanks come in various frames and liner fabrics. Frame sizes are 8'x14'x29" and come with steel or aluminum tubing. The liner fabrics to choose from are all 22 oz. vinyl, 22 oz. vinyl sides with 30 oz. floor, all 22 oz. HPR, 22 oz. HPR sizes with 30 oz. floor and all 30 oz. vinyl.

To help keep the flow of water and to eliminate any lift is the side mounted stabilizing flange plate assembly. The assembly includes: mounting plate, flange (sizes are 4", 5" and 6"). The mounting plate is also adaptable to any folding frame tank and model.

Before using a folding frame tank, preparing the area first is essential. The ground should be clean of debris and sharp objects. Berms or liners can also be employed with a folding frame tank to reduce spills. Discharge valves and other fittings should be closed when filling the tank, and the liner should be not pinched by the frame.

A complete SLT system for a folding frame tank looks like this:

  • 2-8'x14'x29″ tanks (Other rectangular sizes available soon)
  • Mounting plate with 1 – female swivel and flange for the outside and 1-male flange for the inside of the tank. Size 4″ – 6″ (The plate helps to stabilize your flange.)
  • Standard 6″ al mag casting 90° elbow or optional 6″ tubing 90° elbow. (Call for pricing)
  • Flex-Lite Hose 4″ – 6″
  • Low Flow Strainer 4″ – 6″

Through the wall drafting accessories also sold separately to retro fix your existing tank.

Folding Frame Tank Technical Specifications

Single Lane Tank Type 1

Volume US Gal Open Dimensions Ft (L X W X H) Closed Dimensions Ft (L X W X H)
2000 14'x8'x29" 14'x8"x29"
2500 16'x9'x29" 16'x8″x29"
3000 16'x10'x29" 16'x8″x29"

Single Lane Tank Type II

Volume US Gal Open Dimensions Ft (L X W X H) Closed Dimensions Ft (L X W X H)
2000 19'x7'9"x29" 11'x8"x29"
2500 22'x8'x29" 14'x8″x29"
3000 23'x9'x29" 14'x8″x29"

Single Lane Tank Max

Volume US Gal Open Dimensions W/O Bladder Ft (L X W X H) Open Dimensions Ft (L X W X H) Closed Dimensions Ft (L X W X H)
1000/2500 8'3"x8'3"x29" 8'3"x22'3"x29" 8'3"x10"x29"
1500/3500 10'3"x10'3"x29" 10'3"x24'8"x29" 10'3"x10"x29"
2100/5000 11'3"x11'3"x29" 11'3"x26'3"x29" 11'3"x10"x29"

Frame Tank Applications

Aluminum and steel water frame tanks can be used in a variety of applications and industries. For quick water storage needs, frame tanks can be built with FDA and NSF 61 approved materials in order to store potable and non-potable water. A collapsible water tank or refolding container is also useful in other applications, like construction sites, agriculture, aquaponics, water treatment stations, and more. Our collapsible water tanks come equipped with the best and most durable materials to get the job done.

Accessories for the folding frame tank and SLT system include:

  • 2-8'X14'X29″ Tanks
  • Mounting Plate with flange
  • Flex-lite hose
  • 6″ tubing 90° elbow (optional)
  • Low flow strainer
  • Power jet siphon
  • 6″ Al mag casting 990° elbow (standard)

Folding Frame Tank Applications and Industries:

Frequently Asked Questions

Folding Frame Tank Questions and Answers

A folding frame tank is a water storage solution that can be used for many purposes. Due to their flexible and open top design, filling and storing the tank is easy. This makes frame tanks especially helpful in the event of a natural disaster, as they can be folded up in minutes. Efficiency paired with the ability to store various solutions (water, oil, chemicals, etc.) means our tanks have found great use on construction sites, at water treatment stations, with firefighters and even in schools for educational purposes.

Collapsible water containers can be made of a wide variety of materials. The best frame tanks will have a sturdy frame made of aluminum or steel. Our collapsible water tanks typically feature a liner made of 22 oz. vinyl or High Performance Rubber. Furthermore, fabric selection can be changed depending on the application. Our product specialists would be happy to discuss customizing your collapsible water tank. Contact us for more information.

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