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Portable Dust Control Systems

Generac® Dust Suppression System DF2.2

Easy to use and powerful, the portable dust control system by Generac is one of the most effective dust suppression tank sprayer methods available. Traditional dust suppression systems only capture large dust particulates and leave pockets of untreated areas. Generac's dust suppression system removes dust particles down to 80 microns in size, provides an even blanket of coverage, and minimizes puddling.

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Dust Control System Features

  • Rust resistant stainless-steel crown with 12 nozzles
  • 3/4" garden hose connection and inlet water filter
  • Manual tilting system

Dust Control System Benefits

  • Spray covers horizontal range of 42.6 feet
  • Distributes fine, even mist for effective coverage
  • Simple design and controls

Portable Dust Control System Details

The dust suppression system by Generac provides superior results in removing dust and other harmful particulate from the air through a process of nebulizing water into a fine mist. With this system, water is nebulized into 50-150 micron droplets. (For comparison, droplets from a garden hose spray are approximately 1000 microns in size.) The ultra-fine mist produced by the dust suppression system is very effective in removing greater quantities of particulate matter from the air. It also provides reliable and consistent coverage, ensuring that there are no untreated pockets and minimizes wasted water (puddling).

Additional features make this dust control system easy to use, such as the electronic control panel that can also be directed by a remote control. A pressure gauge helps with monitoring the outlet's pressure reading. Handles and wheels make maneuvering easy. The dust control system also is skid-mounted and equipped with lifting eyes and fork pockets. Trailer mounted options are also available.

Generac Portable Dust Control System Specifications

Electrical Engine Power (Fan) Single phase, 240v, 2.2kw
Flanged Inlet(Electrical Connection) L6-15 Nema Twistlock
Frequency 60 HZ
Max. Horizontal Range(Without Wind) 42.6 feet
Water Connection ¾" Garden Hose
Inlet Pressure 14.5 – 72.5 PSI
Water Consumption @ 14.5 PSI: 1.43 GPM
@ 21.8 PSI: 1.74 GPM
@ 29.0 PSI: 1.98 GMP
@ 36.3 PSI: 2.25 GMP
Tilt Angle Range 10 – 50 DEGREES
Dimensions 3.3'L X 2.6'W X 2.74H
Dry Weight 175 LBS
Warranty 2 years parts and labor (from delivery date)

Portable Dust Control System Applications

The portable dust control system delivers effective dust and particulate mitigation for construction sites, demolition sites, mining operations, aggregate production, environmental repairs, and recycling processing. It is also effective in odor suppression at landfills, cooling/misting outdoor events, and misting crops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dust Control Systems Frequently Asked Questions

This dust suppression system works by nebulizing water into tiny particles that produce an even and fine spray. The spray then captures other particles that it encounters and uses gravity to bring (or hold) them both to the ground. Traditional methods aren't nearly as effective because they produce larger water droplets and leave uneven gaps of coverage.

This portable dust control system is very easy for operators to use in the field. The controls are intuitive and simple to follow. The unit's handles and wheels provide easy maneuverability. The equipment can be adjusted vertically with the manual tilting system from 10 to 50 degrees for maximum spray coverage. If needed, the E-stop (emergency stop) button is mounted prominently where it can be found quickly.

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