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Enduraplas Fire Ranger™ Portable Water Tank:

Your Efficient Fire Control Solution

Efficient and Affordable Fire Control Solution

The Enduraplas Fire Ranger™, offered by One Clarion, is your dependable and cost-effective solution for fire control. This portable water tank is essential for fire departments and farmers alike, ensuring you're prepared for fire emergencies without breaking the bank. Featuring a quick-fill system embedded and a fire nozzle with high flow, the product is designed for easy storage in your pickup's back, saving valuable space while providing ample water supply.

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For reliable and affordable fire control, look no further than the Enduraplas Fire Ranger™. Designed to meet the needs of fire departments and farmers, this portable water tank offers a budget-friendly way to enhance your fire emergency plan. With its integrated quick-fill system and high-flow fire nozzle, it's a space-saving solution that ensures you always have enough water on hand.

Efficient Fire Control Features

The Enduraplas Fire Ranger™ offers several remarkable features, including:

  • Solid-Wall™ Tank Construction: With robust side-walls, it's highly impact-resistant.
  • Poly-Flex™ Hose Reel: Crack-proof, easy-wind poly hose reel.
  • Anchor-Point™ Tie-Down Slots: Quick and hassle-free tie-downs.
  • Power-Head™ Water Pump: High-pressure, high-volume, and self-priming.
  • Easy-Start™ Honda® Engine: Reliable engine that starts quickly.
  • Time-Saver™ Fork-Points: Built-in fork slots for easy lifting and loading.

Fire Ranger™ Control Benefits

Selecting the Enduraplas Fire Ranger™ brings multiple advantages, including:

  • Reduced Fire Control Downtime: Ensures continuous firefighting with extended water supply.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Affordable investment with long-term benefits.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Prevents leaks and spills for eco-friendly firefighting.
  • User-Friendly Design: Easy handling and maneuverability for quick deployment.

Versatile Applications

The Enduraplas Fire Ranger™ finds diverse applications, including:

  • Fire Control: Ideal for fire departments and farms.
  • Emergency Response: Crucial for quick water supply during emergencies.
  • Industrial Use: Suitable for various industries.
  • First Responder Equipment: Valuable for firefighters.

Enduraplas Fire Ranger™ Specifications

Size (US Gallons) 400
Length 102"
Width 46"
Height 45"
Motor Type GX160 Honda/5.5HP
Pump Type Centrifugal
Flow Rate (GPM) 120
Pressure (PSI) 100
Hose Length 100'
Spray Distance (Vertical) 35'
Spray Distance (Horizontal) 40'
Dry Weight (lbs) 541

Enduraplas Fire Ranger™ Downloads

For detailed information and specifications on the Enduraplas Fire Ranger™ portable water tank, download our resources and ensure you're well-equipped to handle fire emergencies.

Enduraplas Fire Ranger™ Frequently Asked Questions

Efficient Fire control Solution Questions and Answers

The Fire Ranger skid can be used for a wide variety of applications besides for fire suppression. You can use it to water livestock, clean stalls, water plants/trees, do general cleaning, and more. With the Fire Ranger's built in quick-fill system you can also fill this from any open source of water making refilling for any application effortless. Please bear in mind that this skid does not feature a dust suppression nozzle so you cannot use it for dust suppression. If you need a skid or trailer option that includes the ability to suppress dust, call a knowledgeable One Clarion Sales Representative today to discuss your options.

The Fire Ranger skid features fork-points for quick loading of the skid. Combined with the extremely durable nature of the skid you don't have to worry about damaging it while lifting it. Once you load the Fire Ranger skid into your truck bed, don't forget to use the heavy-duty tie down slots that are built in on both sides of the skid to secure it.

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