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Nurse Tank Trailer

1000 Gallon DOT Spray Trailer

The 1000 gallon nurse tank trailer from One Clarion is a DOT-approved mobile chemical storage solution for transport on public roadways. The nurse chemical trailer can haul large amounts of water or chemicals, and it features a heavy duty channel iron frame, tandem axle trailer, and DOT-approved trailer lights.

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1000 Gallon Nurse Tank Trailer Features

  • 1025 gallon poly tank
  • Channel iron frame with cope joints
  • 25' of 2" discharge hose
  • Electric brakes and tandem axels

1000 Gallon Nurse Tank Trailer Benefits

  • Large capacity for water storage
  • DOT approved for public roadway use
  • Made from highly durable materials
  • Equipped with safety chain and swing away jack

Nurse Tank Trailer Details

The 1000 gallon nurse tank trailer is made of durable materials and has a 2" x 2" banjo poly self-priming pump with Viton seals. The horizontal polyethylene tank has a capacity of 1025 gallons and has molded gallonage markings, as well as molded legs that allow it to support itself on the trailer. The DOT trailer is made to haul large amounts of water to remote locations by way of public roadways.

1000 Gallon Nurse Tank Trailer Specifications

Trailer DOT Approved
Tank 1,025 Gallon Polyethylene Horizontal Leg Tank
Frame Channel Iron Frame with Cope Joints
Axles Tandem Axles with Leaf Springs
Tires 6 Bolt Hubs with Grease-Able Cone Bearings Street Tires
Hitch 2 5/16" ball hitch

DOT Trailer for Transporting Chemicals

The DOT trailer is made from all welded heavy duty painted steel with iron frame and cope joints, and is DOT approved for use on public roadways to transport large amounts of chemicals or water. The tandem axle trailer comes equipped with electric brakes, DOT trailer lights, street tires, and 6 bolt hubs with greaseable cone bearings. With a GX160 Honda hand crank gas motor, the nurse trailer has a complete plumbing kit of a clean-able filter, on and off valves, and adjustable jet agitation.

The 1000 gallon nurse tank trailer can be used on jobsites to fertilize crops, to spray pesticides, and to transport water across large rural areas and farms for livestock and agriculture watering. The DOT-approved trailer can also be used for dust suppression and many other applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nurse Tank Trailer Questions and Answers

The 'poly' in poly tanks is short for 'polyethylene'. Polyethylene is a type of plastic that is great for containers, like the one used in our nurse tank trailer. This poly tank includes molded gallon markings and molded legs. It's perfect for filling with all kinds of liquids, like water, fertilizer, pesticides, and other chemicals.

Yes. Our 1000 gallon chemical trailer comes equipped with a 25' discharge hose. Additional length, such as a 200' hose, can be requested. Please consider that pricing will change accordingly. For additional customizations or advice on hose length, please call our product experts at 1-863-261-8388