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Fuel Trailer for Sale

500 Gallon Fuel Trailer

The 500 gallon fuel trailer is a highly reliable, durable mobile fuel trailer designed for use on farms. Compatible with Class 3 dangerous goods and combustible materials, these small 500 gallon fuel tanks have a 4" channel frame with diamond plate HD fenders. In order to increase the strength and durability of the tank, gusset plates are included at the joints and its single baffle system.

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Fuel Trailer for Sale Features

  • 10-gauge steel tank
  • Electric brakes
  • 12-volt, 20-GPM pump
  • Multiple powder coat options

Fuel Trailer for Sale Benefits

  • Easily transports fuel around fields and farms
  • Secure fuel storage
  • Highly visible
  • Rounded design reduces fuel surge

500 Gallon Fuel Trailer for Sale Details

The 500 gallon fuel trailer for sale features a number of equipment and design options for efficiency and safety when transporting fuel. Each steel tank has dished flanged ends and a single baffle system. This single baffle system is designed to slow the movement of fuel while the fuel trailer is in motion. A baffle system will reduce fuel surge by reducing the area of motion that fuel might be subjected to when being transported. Other benefits of this fuel trailer include electric brakes on both axles with a breakaway switch and a mechanical meter with plumbing.

The 500 gallon diesel fuel trailer can be powder coated with a variety of colors in order to be highly visible when in use. When backing up, the trailer is easily seen in the rearview mirror because of this coloring and its rounded shape. Additional features and equipment for the 500 gallon diesel fuel trailer ensure that refueling jobs are both safe and convenient. Hose reels allow for refueling at a distance, with hoses coming in lengths of either 25' or 50'. While not DOT-complaint for roadway use, the 500 gallon fuel trailer for sale does have recessed tail and brake lights for safety when moving about on a piece of property.

Product Specifications

(L x W x H)
146" x 81" x 70"
GVWR 7,000 lbs.
Dry Weight 1,060 lbs.
Axles 2 - 3,500 lbs.
Tires 205-75R15
Tank Steel 10 Gauge
Tank Color Options Green, Red, Yellow, White, and Grey

500 Gallon Diesel Fuel Trailer Applications

The 500 gallon fuel trailer for sale is designed to transport fuel on farms to service equipment. When needing to refuel big pieces of farm equipment that might be in remote fields, safely transporting fuel to those pieces of equipment with as little mess as possible is a definite need. The 500 gallon fuel trailer has a modern design and durable quality that sets it apart from other fuel trailers. This fuel trailer has numerous features and benefits for both safety and reliability.

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Fuel Trailer for Sale Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons to purchase a fuel trailer. A 500 gallon fuel trailer helps users refuel equipment, vehicles, generators, and transport storage tanks around a site with ease. For transporting fuel and other class 3 combustible materials in small amounts, a 500 gallon fuel trailer is a good option.

The Fuel Transport Trailer is very convenient for farm use. The trailer can be towed to where farm machinery is being used. You can refuel without having to stop and drive the machine back to the fuel storage area. This saves users time and money. The ease in towing makes the 500 gallon fuel trailer a breeze to move around the farm. Plus, the durable construction means that your fuel transport trailer will stand up to the rigors of the job environment.

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