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500 Gallon DOT Fuel Trailer

500 Gallon DOT Fuel Trailer

The 500 gallon DOT fuel trailer meets the Department of Transportation's specifications for hauling Class 3 dangerous goods and combustible materials on open roadways. The trailer's design and roll-over cage sets it apart from other diesel fuel trailers on the market. Other trailers feature a low-profile, square design, which is difficult to see when backing up. The DOT fuel trailer is highly visible when backing up and perfect for transporting fuel between construction sites and to remote locations.

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Fuel Trailer Features

  • Swivel jack
  • 12-volt, 20-gpm fuel pump
  • Electric brakes for 2 axles
  • Dish flanged ends

Fuel Trailer Benefits

  • Suitable for Class 3 materials
  • DOT compliant for use on roadways
  • Rounded design
  • Visible when backing up

500 Gallon DOT Fuel Trailer Details

What sets this fuel trailer apart is its shape, construction, and additional pieces of equipment that allow it to be safe for transporting fuel on the open roads. The heavy-duty roll over cage keeps the inlet valve and fuel pump secure in the event of a rollover accident. Keeping in roadway compliance with a 500 gallon DOT fuel trailer is important in order to avoid costly fines. Other needed components of the trailer include heavy duty fenders to protect tires and electric brakes with a breakaway switch.

This 500 gallon DOT fuel trailer is blasted and powder coated with multiple color options that last a lifetime. The tank itself is set up with a single baffle system to prevent fuel surge. Fuel surge occurs when the trailer is in motion and the fuel moves forward and backward, putting stress on the 90-degree welds of a square-designed diesel fuel trailer. The DOT approved fuel trailer has a rounded design that allows fuel to roll up the sides. The single baffle system slows the movement of fuel by limiting the amount of surface area that it can travel.

Product Specifications

(L x W x H)
150" x 81" x 77"
GVWR 7,000 lbs.
Dry Weight 1,878 lbs.
Axles 2 - 3,500 lbs.
Tires 205-75R15
Tank Steel 10 Gauge
Tank Color Options Green, Red, Yellow, White, and Grey

Fuel Trailer Applications

Because it is suitable for transporting fuel on the road with other vehicles, the fuel trailer can be used in numerous locations. This allows fuel to be transported to multiple sites for refueling equipment, vehicles, and for other maintenance needs. The 500 gallon DOT fuel trailer is a heavy duty solution for servicing job sites that are spread across many locations. Construction sites in multiple areas will need a reliable way to refuel equipment in a timely manner. Farmland that spans many locations and can only be accessed by public roadways will also require a reliable, DOT approved fuel trailer that can go the distance. The 500 gallon DOT fuel trailer is the right trailer for the job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

500 Gallon DOT Fuel Trailer Questions and Answers

Companies from many industries buy fuel trailers. The 500 gallon fuel trailers are great for transporting fuel and other class 3 combustible materials in small amounts. Often, our fuel trailers are used by farmers, construction workers, and oil industry workers. They can be used to refuel equipment, vehicles, generators, storage tanks, and more.

The fuel trailer is portable. It is also optimized to be safe for transportation. Our fuel trailer is highly visible, with an array of bright color options. It also has a cylindrical design to increase safety while backing up. For road transportation, our 500 gallon D.O.T. fuel trailer complies to Department of Transportation requirements, and is ready to hit the highway.

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