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Mobile Fuel Tanks

1,000 Gallon DOT Fuel Trailer

Our mobile fuel tanks are built to meet the specifications that the Department of Transportation outlines for the transport of class 3 dangerous goods. The rounded tank is highly visible, making for safer transportation, and the 1000 Gallon DOT diesel fuel trailer in Florida is equipped with a rollover protection system that encloses the fuel pump and inlet valve.

1,000 Gallon DOT Fuel Trailer Features

  • Rounded, tube frame
  • Gusset plates
  • Safety chains
  • 12 volt, 20 GPM pump

1,000 Gallon DOT Fuel Trailer Benefits

  • DOT-compliant
  • Secure, safe fuel storage
  • Highly visible design
  • Variety of powder coat finish colors

Mobile Fuel Tanks Details

Mobile fuel tanks come equipped with electric brakes on both axles and a breakaway switch. With recessed brake lights and conspicuity tape, this 1,000 gallon DOT fuel trailer for sale prioritizes safety on the road. Strength is key with mobile fuel trailers, as their frames are made of 6" channel with diamond plate fenders to protect the tires.

When transporting fuel, surge is important to keep in mind. The rounded design of the 1,000 gallon DOT fuel trailer reduces the amount of stress that the movement of fuel places on the tank. Also, the dished ends and dual-baffle system decreases pressure from fuel movement in this 1,000 gallon fuel trailer for sale.

1000 Gallon DOT Fuel Trailer Specifications

(L x W x H)
178" x 85" x 90"
GVWR 12,000 lbs.
Dry Weight 3,200 lbs.
Axles 2 - 6,000 lbs.
Tires 235-80R16
Tank Steel 3/16" Plate Steel
Tank Color Options Green, Red, Yellow, White, and Grey

DOT Compliant Fuel Trailers

DOT-compliant fuel trailers keep in compliance with Department of Transportation specifications on roadways. The 1,000 gallon DOT fuel trailer is well equipped to get the job done and includes the following DOT features:

  • Recessed brake and tail lights
  • Diamond tread plate HD fenders
  • Electric brakes with breakaway switch

The 1,000 gallon DOT fuel trailer can also be powder coated in a variety of colors for high visibility during transport. Safety when transporting a large diesel trailer to service equipment in different locations is important. These locations can include construction sites with diesel equipment or farm locations that require transporting fuel to more than location. Save time and money by bringing diesel fuel to your equipment instead of taking the equipment off-site for fueling.

For more fuel trailer options, see our fuel trailers main page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Fuel Tanks Questions and Answers

A mobile fuel tank is a receptacle for flammable liquids, such as diesel fuel, that is easily transportable. Tanks can be situated on trailers, such as our 1,000 gallon fuel trailer. At One Clarion, we recommend using our fuel trailer to meet your transport mobility needs. Our trailers sit on four 235/80R16 tires, designed for stability, high load durability, and better heat dissipation.

Mobile fuel tanks and trailers are transported in cylindrical containers because they are more convenient than their boxier counterparts. When transporting liquids such as fuel, a cylindrical shape allows for a lower center of gravity, providing vehicular stability. This design also reduces surge and allows for easier extraction of liquid, as nothing can get caught in corners or on a flat bottom. Our 1000 Gallon fuel trailer also has a rounded top that allows for easy viewing in a rear-view mirror, making backing up safer.

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