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Mobile Generator

Generac Large Portable Generator

The mobile generator from Generac provides 450 kVA of power in extreme, remote environments. The parallel load-share generator automatically adapts to liquid propane, natural gas, or wellhead gas and has an advanced fuel control system with its prime-rated 21.9L Generac engine. The generator trailer's cost-effective, durable, and efficient nature make it a must-have large portable generator.

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Mobile Generator Features

  • 1500-hour service interval
  • Prime rate 21.9L engine
  • EPA certified
  • Lightweight Trailer

Mobile Generator Benefits

  • Easy to tow power for remote locations
  • Parallel and load share-ready
  • Cost-efficient
  • Environmentally sound

Generac Large Gas Generator Details

Generac's large portable generator uses a turbocharged, after-cooled Generac G21.9L engine. This generator trailer is cost-effective and environmentally sound as it harnesses wellhead gas, the by-product of oil drilling. Its versatility and efficiency allow it to meet the needs of a wide variety of jobs and locations. With an operating speed of 1800 rpm, the Generac portable generator is made to withstand the extremes of prime power applications.

The large portable generator from Generac has an aluminum, sound attenuated enclosure that is UV and fade resistant and high temperature cured with white polyester powder paint. The large gas generator's enclosure is both insulated, baffled, and fully lockable.

Product Specifications

Trailer DOT-Compliant
Generator Heavy duty vibration isolation
Engine Prime rated 21.9L Generac engine
Service Interval 1500-hour service interval
Operating Weight 12,110 lb
Axles Three 7,000 lb axles
Jack 12,000 lb top wind jack with footplate

DOT Compliant Large Portable Generator Trailer

This mobile generator has a DOT compliant trailer with tail, side, brake, and directional lights. The trailer also has recessed rear lights. The large portable generator trailer also comes with transportation tie-downs and safety chains with spring-loaded safety hooks for increased control. Electric brakes and tongue jack with footplate separate this gas generator for sale from others on the market. The lightweight trailer design makes it easily towable to remote locations in need of reliable power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Generator Questions and Answers

Prime Power Rating:
360kW, 450kVA, 60HZ
288kW, 360kVA, 50HZ

Continuous Power Rating:
300kW, 375kVA, 60HZ
240kW, 300kVA, 50HZ

The Generac Mobile Generator is parallel-ready, enabling a scalable approach to power. It is parallel up to 32 units. For more information regarding generator features and accessories, please contact our product specialists at 1-863-261-8388.

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