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Folding Portable Water Tanks

Quick Set-Up Emergency Water Storage Tanks

Set-up couldn't be easier or quicker with Folding Portable Water Tanks, made from PVC fabric tanks and a lightweight aluminum or steel frame. The tank folds compactly for storage or transportation. When needed, the tank unfolds in a matter of minutes and is ready to use. Quick deployment and the portability of this tank is what makes it popular for use as an for emergencies. To prolong the life-span of the tank, we suggest placing a protective liner beneath the tank when in use. For our full line of water storage options, see: Water Storage Tanks.

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Folding Portable Water Tank Features

  • Exterior metal frame provides support, durability, and fast deployment
  • Tank liner is available in a choice of fabrics tailored to fit the type of liquid to be stored in the tank
  • Discharge valve for hassle-free draining of the tank

Folding Portable Water Tank Benefits

  • Easy to set-up and put away
  • Lightweight and compact for transportation
  • Durable materials
  • Available in sizes with 500 to 5,000 gallon capacities

Folding Portable Water Tanks - Details

With being so easy to set up and transport, Folding Portable Water Tanks are often used for firefighting, aqua farming, and emergency water storage. The folding open-top design provides easy access to the interior of the tank. This style is ideal for fire fighters and first responders looking for a fast solution to having an additional water supply available. Best of all, each frame tank will fold up when empty for easy transportation or storage. Whether you need a quick response unit or a water storage tank, these tanks are a convenient way to store and access water.

Frame Tanks: Features a robust exterior frame that folds-in along the centers to provide a single, compact storage line. When folded, the frame tank can lie flat or slide into tight. The quick-set up features on these tanks make them a favorite for situations that call for a quick response such as firefighting, disaster relief, decontamination/spill cleanup efforts, fish farming, and bulk water storage.

Folding Portable Frame Tank Technical Specifications

Single Lane Tank Type 1

Volume US Gal Open Dimensions Ft (L X W X H) Closed Dimensions Ft (L X W X H)
2000 14'x8'x29" 14'x8"x29"
2500 16'x9'x29" 16'x8″x29"
3000 16'x10'x29" 16'x8″x29"

Single Lane Tank Type II

Volume US Gal Open Dimensions Ft (L X W X H) Closed Dimensions Ft (L X W X H)
2000 19'x7'9"x29" 11'x8"x29"
2500 22'x8'x29" 14'x8″x29"
3000 23'x9'x29" 14'x8″x29"

Single Lane Tank Max

Volume US Gal Open Dimensions W/O Bladder Ft (L X W X H) Open Dimensions Ft (L X W X H) Closed Dimensions Ft (L X W X H)
1000/2500 8'3"x8'3"x29" 8'3"x22'3"x29" 8'3"x10"x29"
1500/3500 10'3"x10'3"x29" 10'3"x24'8"x29" 10'3"x10"x29"
2100/5000 11'3"x11'3"x29" 11'3"x26'3"x29" 11'3"x10"x29"

Frame Tank Applications

  • Fire Fighting Efforts
  • Disaster Relief Efforts
  • Decontamination Pool
  • Portable Baptistry

Flexible Storage Options

The Frame Tank is part of our flexible storage tank variety designed to offer alternative water storage to your location. The Frame Tank is but one option for portable water storage. Onion tanks can also be good choices, depending on the type of project you have in mind. Keeping in mind that every project is different, a selection of fittings and accessories are available to customize the tank to the project's needs.

  • Drain Fittings: Eases the Process of Emptying, Cleaning or Draining the Tank
  • Ground Covers: Adds Abrasion Protection for Increased Tank Life
  • Top Covers: Protects Stored Liquids for Dirt, Wind, Debris and Sediment
  • Carry Bags: Provides Easy Transportation

In addition to the open top frame tank, we also offer several closed top pillow tanks for drinking water, non-potable water and fuel, as well as open top onion tanks for a frameless water storage option.

See also our complete variety of Flexible Tanks.

Folding Frame Tank Applications and Industries:

Folding Portable Water Tanks Frequently Asked Questions

Because of their portable nature, folding portable water tanks are made for areas where water is difficult to supply. You can use folding portable water tanks at the scene of a rural fire, to water livestock, or provide water in the event of a natural disaster.

We offer a variety of water storage tank options. When it comes to portability and flexibility, our frame tanks and onion tanks are what we most recommend. Onion tanks are self-rising and have walls that will rise when the tank is filled with water. Onion tanks have a variety of uses including hot tub and pool repair, emergency water storage, and fire suppression.

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