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Water Tank For Dust Control

Water Tank Trailer Dust Suppression

Demolition Dust Control and Asbestos Wetting

Controlling airborne dust on demolition and construction sites is important not only for compliance but also for the health of employees, pedestrians and residents near the demolition area. With the heavy machinery and explosives often used in demolition, harmful particles quickly become airborne on the jobsite. Breathing these particles is hazardous and controlling dust from demolition activities is important.

The Demolition Dust Control Water Trailer is an accepted BMP for any contractor's or builder's plan. The water tank trailer minimizes the impact of demolition dust by wetting the particles and removing them from the air. The demolition water tank trailer is delivered turn-key and ready to work. Use the fire hose attachment provided with the water tank trailer to keep dust and dirt tamped down, ensuring the air remains clear. Moving the trailer around the jobsite to spray other sections is simply a matter of towing the trailer where it's needed. DOT compliant, the water trailer can be safely driven on publis roadways. The largest tank size available is 1,600 gallons. For a full listing, see: Water Tank Trailers.

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Demolition Dust Control Trailer Specifications

Tank Sizes
Trailer DOT-Compliant
Water discharge Options Spray Bar, Fire Hose, Hose Bibb

Demolition Dust Control

1600 Gallon Water Trailer

Controlling dust and airborne pollutants created in the demolition process is a concern for any demolition site. As buildings are brought down, dust is churned up and released into the air. This type of air pollution is a problem not only for the environment but also employees and bystanders breathing the pollutants. A common and accepted mitigation practice is to keep the building and surrounding area wetted down throughout the project. This process removes the particles from the air, keeping dust safely under control.

The demolition dust control water tank trailer makes dust suppression misting a simple process. Use the fire hose provided for targeted spraying to keep the building as wet as needed. With an adjustable swath of 8' to 25', the galvanized spray bar offers dust suppression misting for the grounds as the trailer is towed through the site. The demolition dust control water tank trailer is a useful tool to add to any site's construction dust control products. .

Asbestos Wetting

1600 Gallon Water Trailer Hose

While no longer allowed as a material in new home and building construction projects, many older buildings and homes still contain dangerous asbestos materials in ceilings and walls. Asbestos consists of silicate minerals that have been used in building and manufacturing for years, namely for its fire-resistant properties. However, when asbestos becomes airborne and is inhaled, it becomes a serious health hazard. When demolishing buildings, asbestos must be dealt with in accordance to local laws and regulations.

Asbestos is kept under control during demolition and construction by keeping it wet. This keeps the particles from becoming airborne. The demolition dust control water tank trailer is a helpful tool in this regard. The fire hose drenches the building, so the fibers can't become an airborne breathing hazard. Regular hoses attached to the hose bibb fill smaller containers for direct dispersion in the problem areas. The dust and demolition rubble must remain wet until it can be excavated and placed in leak-tight containers or wrapping for appropriate removal and disposal, following local regulation requirements.

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